Vincent Dion Stringer with Dr. Willis Patterson                  

Vincent Dion Stringer with Dr. Willis Patterson                  

About the Singers Studio in Baltimore

The Singers Studio of Baltimore is run by Vincent Dion Stringer and provides individual and group voice lesson,  choral workshops and master classes and audition preparation.

Singing is a vehicle through which you can express and communicate your feelings and emotion, your thoughts and your views on love, family, community and your life experience. In the Singers Studio we address vocal technique from a holistic perspective of mind, body, spirit. This compete understanding of yourself is the way you master your craft and change lives.

In your mind we will begin with why your sing. Each song you sing is connected to your thoughts on a particular subject. All of this is a part of how you communicate the music.

Your body is all of the equipment necessary for a healthy and complete approach to your instrument. Breath-support, placement, articulation, good and clear diction are all a part of mastering your voice and becoming the true creator of your voice and song.

A healthy spirit leads to a healthy mind and body. Singing is a spiritual act and derives from a place of deep and higher consciousness. This is not about religion but if you are religious about your work you will grow tremendously.

Individual Voice Lessons

The Singers Studio offer one hour voices lessons on a weekly basis. In these lessons we address the individual singers needs though vocal technique from a classical perspective of Bel canto (Beautiful voice). Our focus is on the foundations of singing through breathing, placement, articulation, and diction. These are all essential to good tone and production of sound. With this understanding one can apply these principles to singing any style of music.

Audition Preparation

The Singers Studio provides audition preparation for opera, musical theater and popular music auditions by assisting singers with choosing good and appropriate repertoire for his/her voice type and category.

Group Lessons

For a group of two or more singers the Singers Studio will provide one hour sessions in a group setting of the basics of singing techniques and ensemble singing in a healthy fashion with a focus on blend and the uniformity of sound as it pertains to  group singing.

Master Classes

Vincent Dion Stringer provides master classes for schools, universities and churches on singing a variety of genres of music including classical, opera, oratorio, musical theater, gospel, Negro spirituals and R & B. These classes are generally in a public forum before a live audition and are offered on a two-hour basis in 10 minutes increments per participant.

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